Code42 backs up any device anywhere across Texas A&M Health. Code42 is available at no cost to all Texas A&M Health faculty and staff to use on up to five (5) university-issued portable devices (laptops, mobile devices, etc.) and/or desktop computers.


  • Back up any device, anywhere
  • Automatic and silent
  • Self-service restores
  • End-to-end security
  • Shorten time to recovery
  • Mobile access to backed-up data

Getting Started

Request to be provisioned an account by submitting the enrollment form and provide your full name, TAMU email address and UIN.

After you are signed up, install the client on your operating system and then select the files and folders you want to continuously back up. You will be able to restore from anywhere—from your desktop or from the web console at www.crashplan.com/login.

General Application Guidelines

  • Backups occur every 15 minutes without interruption and use few system resources
  • Anything in your profile can be backed up
  • You can choose not to back up certain files and folders, if desired
  • The following types of files and locations are not allowed to be backed up:
    • System and program files
    • Virtual disks and temporary Internet files
    • Network drives, which are backed up nightly by Health IT
  • All files are encrypted
  • Unlimited versions
  • Files that are currently backed up and then accidentally deleted will be recoverable for up to 90 days

Storage Considerations

  • Data is securely stored on Code42's cloud servers
  • HIPAA-regulated data may be stored in a Code42 data backup destination
    • A Business Associates Agreement exists between Texas A&M and Code42
    • Data encryption policies are in place and required security configurations have been applied
  • There are no limitations or quotas for the size of backups
    • However, Code42 backup storage is not designed for excessive data that should instead be designated for a dedicated file server or another type of storage system
  • Certain types of data need to be retained; therefore, Code42 should not be used as a long-term data storage repository
    • Rather, Health IT provides the service as a backup solution for disaster recovery and data restoration
    • Refer to the IT policies regarding Contingency Planning controls for more information

Help and Support

View additional resources about Code42's advanced features, such as using the web console, configuring backups and restoring data.