Supporting Texas A&M Health

Delivering innovative, secure and reliable technologies that support Texas A&M Health for the well-being of the people of Texas and beyond.

Strategic, Statewide Vision

Discovering, implementing and supporting new and innovative solutions.

Transformational Technology Solutions

Creating pathways to enriched, innovative teaching and learning experiences.

Local Advancements, Global Impacts

Establishing partnerships and finding sustainable technologies to advance healthcare worldwide.



Technology Services' mission in support of Texas A&M Health is to deliver innovative, secure and reliable technologies that support the academic, clinical, research, outreach and community goals of Texas A&M Health for the well-being of the people of Texas and beyond.

Shared Values

We are guided by the shared values we live by as an organization and individually to include:

  • Governance through rich partnerships across Texas A&M Health that will guide our decision-making and investments into future technologies

  • Respect for our students, colleagues, faculty, staff, researchers, patients, clinicians and community members

  • Accountability to the Texas A&M Health community to deliver technology services in support of our mission and shared values

  • Excellence in technology services and their benefit to the Texas A&M Health community


The statewide vision for technologies in support of Texas A&M Health is to discover, implement and support new and innovative solutions, modernize legacy systems and establish robust partnerships with students, faculty, staff, researchers and members of the Texas A&M Health community.

Guiding Principles

Technology Services delivers transformative technology solutions based on the following guiding principles:

  • Foster statewide collaboration across all colleges and programs to deliver academic innovation and promote student success

  • Encourage interoperability and portability among electronic medical record systems and clinical systems to improve patient care and enable research objectives

  • Protect privacy and security for HIPAA-related environments to ensure a reasonable risk and compliance posture

  • Provide solutions that enable researchers with rapid access to innovative technologies in support of funded and unfunded grants, thereby increasing research competitiveness and productivity

  • Align technology decision-making with both the Texas A&M Health and Texas A&M University strategic plans

  • Focus delivery of technology by providing sustainable, productivity-centric solutions that incorporate the needs of our clients

  • Value IT technology skills and professional development for the IT community, thereby increasing the quality of our services