PrinterLogic handles configurations of networked printers for use by faculty and staff. PrinterLogic allows for automated, self-service printer mapping by groups and locations—without the need to contact IT support staff.

PrinterLogic simplifies adding, modifying and removing printers as equipment changes. Additionally, the service allows computers to communicate directly with the printers, thereby eliminating a print server as a source for potential issues.

Getting Started

Visit tamhealthprint.printercloud.com to start using PrinterLogic. If prompted to install either the PrinterLogic client or a browser add-on, accept and install it.

Note: You must first connect through the Texas A&M Health VPN to access PrinterLogic if you are not on campus.

After PrinterLogic is installed, a new icon will appear in the taskbar indicating that the program is installed and working correctly. Locate and start using your preferred printer(s) from there.

Note: Any printers directly connected to computers by USB cables will not be managed by PrinterLogic. The service is only for networked printers.

Printers can be mapped automatically for everyone in a group. Submit a request to the Health Technology Care Team with the city/building/floor/name of the printer and which group needs to have the printer automatically connected. Printers can also be hidden so that other groups or individuals cannot connect to them, by request.

Help and Support

View help documentation for using Texas A&M Health Printing for Employees – PrinterLogic.

Contact the Health Technology Care Team for further assistance with PrinterLogic.