Texas A&M Health has a separate wired (Ethernet) network, as well as separate wireless (WiFi) locations, from the Texas A&M University network. The robust, reliable network provides the high speed and bandwidth necessary for desktop, laptop and mobile access to the Internet. Both the wired and wireless networks handle round-the-clock traffic to and from the various Texas A&M Health facilities throughout the state.

Help and Support

Wired network connections are typically provided in workspaces throughout Texas A&M Health facilities. Log in with your HSCID and password (this is different from your NetID) on your workstation to access networked university systems and resources.

Use your HSCID to access the Texas A&M Health wireless network within TAMU-Health buildings, such as at the College of Dentistry in Dallas, EnMed in Houston, etc. View help documentation about connecting to the Texas A&M Health Wireless Network with your wireless device(s) as well as creating a Texas A&M Health Guest Wireless Account.

Also view information about TAMU WiFi, TAMU Visitor Wireless and eduroam, which are separate from the Texas A&M Health network yet are also available at certain locations.