You asked, and we listened.

Based on an analysis from over 400 responses for the annual Texas A&M Health Technology Survey distributed during September 2021, Technology Services has made noteworthy follow-up improvements. A condensed version of the 2021 Health Technology Survey Report is available on the Health IT website.

Supported Software and Hardware

In response to inquiries about supported software, operating systems and recommended hardware for computers and mobile devices at Texas A&M Health, we have created a dedicated Supported Software and Hardware webpage.

An accompanying Comprehensive Software Listing webpage now provides an up-to-date, A-to-Z catalog of all known software that Health IT officially supports.

Both webpages will be reviewed and updated three times per year for the fall, spring and summer academic terms. We invite students, faculty, staff and clinicians to submit suggestions for supporting or procuring software through our new Request Supported Software process.

Software for Research Environments

A new supported software list focused on Texas A&M Health research environments is also in development. We invite your suggestions for supporting specific research software applications and collaborating throughout the research community to help identify shared licensing contracts for potential cost savings. Complete the Request Supported Software form or contact the Secure Technologies for Aggie Researchers (STAR) Team at to recommend standardized research software.

Wireless (WiFi) Network Coverage

A recurring topic that solicited several responses throughout the technology survey was reliable access for available wireless networks. To clarify, the broadcasted Service Set Identifiers (SSID) at most Texas A&M Health locations include:

Technology Services intends to decommission HSCID as a username for logging into computers, connecting to wireless networks and accessing specific services. NetID will be the single identity used to enable research, academic and clinical collaboration throughout Texas A&M University, inclusive of Texas A&M Health. Additional project information about Technology Services' identity management consolidation efforts will be distributed during 2022.

We appreciate your participation and responses for the annual technology survey. Your feedback helps drive IT governance at Texas A&M Health as well as continuous improvements to IT services. Thank you for partnering with Technology Services to maintain a productive and secure computing environment at Texas A&M Health.

Support Information

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Health Technology Care Team.


Phone: 979.436.0250 or 979.845.8300 (Option 2)