AWS Glacier for Deep Storage

Amazon Web Services offers Amazon Glacier for long-term, secure object storage for data archiving, backups and preservation. Note: There are fees for using this service.

Variations of AWS Glacier provide secure, low-cost cloud storage designed to deliver 99.999999999% durability. Glacier has comprehensive security and compliance capabilities that meet stringent regulatory requirements and is significantly less expensive than on-premises solutions. Data retrieval times range from 1-5 minutes, 3-5 hours, 5-12 hours or 12-48 hours, depending on the type of storage class purchased. For redundancy, data is automatically distributed across a minimum of three geographically separated Availability Zones. Glacier storage classes also feature advanced logging, monitoring and auditing as well as support for three different forms of encryption.

Registry of Research Data Repositories (Re3data)

Re3data is a global registry of research data repositories for various academic disciplines. The website allows researchers to select appropriate repositories for storing and searching research data.

Re3data includes repositories for permanent storage of data sets for researchers, funding agencies, publishers and research institutions. Since 2012, has promoted a culture of sharing, increased open access and better visibility of research data.

Texas Data Repository

The Texas Data Repository is available for research data preservation. Information is indexed in search engines with a persistent "digital object identifier" (DOI), which includes file versioning and metadata. Researchers can store up to 2GB per individual file and 10GB of storage in total. Note: There are no fees for using this service. However, preservation cannot include HIPAA- or FERPA-regulated data.

The University Libraries provides additional information and assistance about the Texas Data Repository.