Analyzing Data on AWS

Analytics on AWS provide quick, high-level answers from all your data to all your users. Many novel automation features reduce deployment times from months to days, while costs for storing and analyzing data at scale remain sustainable as your data volumes grow.

AWS' analytics tools support open file formats and are integrated through a secure infrastructure to ensure compliance. AWS analytics use cases include data warehousing, processing of big data, real-time analytics and operational analytics.

Globus for Transferring Data

Globus provides efficient, secure and reliable data transfer and sharing with collaborators at partner institutions. Globus uses "data channels" for transferring data between endpoints.

All data transfers are encrypted using an SSL cipher configured on the endpoints with industry-standard AES256-SHA encryption. Any data that transits between on-premises storage and STAR-AWS cloud storage and compute is encrypted against each applicable protocol.

Open Data on AWS

Sharing data on AWS allows analysis and further exploration of research findings using a wide range of compute and data services, thereby enabling researchers to focus on data analysis rather than data acquisition. The Registry of Open Data features datasets that have been made publicly available through AWS.

In addition, the Open Data Sponsorship Program will also cover the costs of storage for publicly available, high-value, cloud-optimized datasets.