Roles and Collaborations

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) is the main point of contact and responsible for all research, administrative and compliance components of the project
  • Sponsored Research Services project administrators establish an individual sponsored project account in FAMIS and link the award to the corresponding proposal in Maestro to record the statement of work and identify the researchers involved
  • The research team coordinates with administrators in departments and colleges/schools to ensure compliance and initiate the actual research project work

Planning and Next Steps

  • When you receive an award, funding agreements should follow SRS submission guidelines and should reference the specific grant proposal in Maestro
  • Compliance requirements (e.g., data classifications) may require input from various departments and several levels of review; initiate the coordination early on to ensure a successful start for the research project

Checklist for Considerations

  • Prepare for data ingress for computing and electronic storage systems
  • Establish data use or confidentiality agreements and obtain approval by appropriate university officials
  • Set up all budget accounts and determine control measures to approve, spend and track expenditures
  • Schedule frequency of required reports, invoices and additional administrative obligations; keep in mind the final point in time for posting budget expenditures