Discounts and Benefits for Participating in the STRIDES Initiative

  • AWS Enterprise Support – Provides concierge-like assistance for researchers to achieve goals and accelerate outcomes using cloud services.

STRIDES graphic

  • Professional Services and Training – Discounted access and technical support through either formal classroom or digital training.

  • Discount on All AWS Services (excluding AWS Marketplace items) – This discount applies to AWS' Compute, Storage, Networking, Data Analytics and Machine Learning Services.

  • Data Egress Discount Program – Waiving data egress fees for qualified STRIDES researchers and academic customers.

  • Free Access to 12PB+ of Diversified Biomedical Datasets and Workload Management Systems

  • More than 8PB of AWS Public Datasets Associated with the NIH STRIDES Initiative – For approved researchers, the AWS Public Dataset Program covers the cost of storage for publicly available, high-value and cloud-optimized datasets. If approved, the cost of storage and data transfer will be covered for a period of two years. Visit for more information.

  • Free Cloud Education for Students Using AWS Educate – Access to content and tools with $100 AWS credits for students.

  • AWS Cloud Credits for Researchers (use subject line: "NIH STRIDES") – Awards credits for AWS services for researchers who build STRIDES-related, cloud-hosted and publicly available science-as-a-service applications, software or tools to facilitate future research. Submit a proposal at

  • Support for Sole Source Justification Letters from AWS

Note: Combinations of STRIDES and non-STRIDES grants cannot be used in the same AWS environment. In addition, certain benefits and offerings under the program are contingent upon your eligibility as well as specific program or overall AWS terms and conditions.