Request a STAR Account

Access to STAR's computing services is available through a provisioned AWS Console account, in which users and groups are created and managed by Technology Services support staff. Billing and group management policies can also be set up for multiple research projects.

All logins are secure and based on NetID credentials using state-of-the-art Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure AD) integration for Single Sign On. Data sets and associated cloud tools can be combined through the AWS Console and are baselined for NIST-level compliance.

Note: All accounts require completion of the foundational, one-day webinar AWS Technical Essentials certificate.

The STAR System

Understanding the STAR System provides a comprehensive introduction to the workflow for research projects within the platform. Through the stages of planning, proposing, setting up, managing and closing out, the STAR System enables researchers to complete each high-level phase and successfully fulfill all components of modern research projects.

STAR graphic with Plan, Propose, Setup, Manage, Closeout

Moving toward Research Productivity

View help documentation and additional resources for setting up accounts, getting connected and acquiring ready-to-use software. Also get help from the University Libraries, collaborate with colleagues and determine data classification policies.