Getting Connected

Ready-to-Use Software

  • Texas A&M University offers pre-negotiated software that departments may purchase directly.
  • Custom research software can be deployed to your STAR virtual machine. Please contact us to size your virtual compute and storage environment to ensure it can accommodate the technical requirements for your research software environment.

Texas A&M University Libraries Resources

The University Libraries offer several resources to assist with research initiatives.

Collaboration and Proposal Preparation

1.) Connect with collaborators using Zoom. Any external collaborators can connect with you as long as a Texas A&M member establishes the Zoom session.

2.) Set up a shared file space as opposed to using email for file sharing.

Option 1Google Drive/Team Drive

Option 2Microsoft 365 OneDrive

Option 3 – Texas A&M's Syncplicity (step-by-step help documentation is available)

Option 4 – Temporarily send one-time, secure and encrypted files using Texas A&M's Filex system (step-by-step help documentation is available)

3.) If you choose to use email, consider encrypting the email when sending to external collaborators by entering *Encrypt* at the beginning of the subject line. More information about encrypting email is available.

Software Policies and Data Classifications

TAMU Acceptable Use of Information Resources Policy

View information available about TAMU's acceptable use of information resources, especially for licensed and open-source software.

TAMU Classification Policy

View information about TAMU's data classification policy.

Data Classification Tool

Use the Division of IT's Data Classification Tool to determine how your data should be regulated based on industry compliance standards.