Roles and Collaborations

  • Department administrators or grant specialists assist in preparing the proposal draft for submission to Maestro if the proposal will be submitted for external sponsorship
  • Contracts are typically negotiated by trained and experienced specialists to provide the most favorable outcomes for all parties involved
  • Refer to federal regulatory IT compliance policies to assist in identifying your research data

Planning and Next Steps

  • Verify the proposal meets all sponsor, university, college/school, industry and research-specific requirements
  • Typically, proposals contain: a scope of work; general working budget; budget justifications; collaborator letters of intent, support or commitment; bios and/or CVs; and additional sponsor-required documentation
  • Complete all required administrative forms, including costs, rates and waivers

Checklist for Considerations

  • Leverage the use of up-to-date sponsor-provided templates and remain informed about any changes for application requirements
  • Receive assistance with proposal development
  • Receive assistance with a proposal budget
  • Create and submit a proposal in Maestro according to sponsor criteria and deadlines
  • Respond to sponsor requests about your proposal in a timely manner