Fairsharing.org provides curated educational resources about data and metadata standards, which are inter-related to databases and data policies. Fairsharing.org offers recommendations about standards and/or databases that are preferred by journal or funder data policies; groups collections by domain, species or organization; and maintains educational resources about standards and their use in databases and policies. Fairsharing.org guides consumers in discovering, selecting and using data-sharing resources and assists producers in making their resources more discoverable, more widely adopted and properly cited.

SPARC Data Sharing Requirements by Federal Agency

The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) provides a community resource website for tracking, comparing and understanding the research data sharing policies for major U.S. federal funders. Up to three national agencies can be compared with each other using the website's selection tool.

NIH Data Sharing Repositories

NIH hosts a Data Sharing Resources webpage for publicly available research results. NIH encourages researchers to select repositories that are appropriate for their data types and disciplines. Several maintained lists are available for the following categories: