STAR Mission and Vision

Learn more about the mission and vision for how the STAR platform will provide transformational solutions for rapidly accessing cloud tools. STAR aims to be cost effective, able to scale storage on demand and house secure, regulated data.

Benefits of Using STAR

Rapid Access

STAR enables researchers to access and set up secure computing resources in days instead of weeks or months, leverage resources for grant proposals, and connect to institutional compliance processes.

Configured for Aggies

STAR is built specifically for Aggie researchers using the research lifecycle in mind. It works with your TAMU NetID, is connected to the TAMU network, and made secure and compliant by a team of IT professionals.


Galileo, inspired by Harvard University, is a new self-service portal that will enable researchers who have a STAR account and have completed training to provision their own compute or storage services and access data libraries.

Pay as You Go

Pay for an hour, a day, a month, a year—it's your choice. Instead of buying your own server or storage, pay only for what you need and use on a monthly basis.


STAR is pre-configured to comply with HIPAA, FERPA and NIST security requirements in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Secure Landing Zone reusable environment.

New Research Ecosystem

Using Amazon Web Services, access a new ecosystem of tools for machine learning, deep learning, data analytics, internet of things, big data and many additional services.

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