July 7, 2020

Computer Requirements

As a result of the changing landscape in higher education due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Texas A&M University now requires students enrolled this fall to have access to the technology necessary to complete their assigned coursework.

Just as students are required to have specific textbooks and supplies to gain the highest quality educational experience, there is a need for all students to have an appropriate computer to complement course instruction.

The minimum computer requirements for all students can be found at u.tamu.edu/computerrequirements. (Most computers purchased in the past few years should meet the minimum standards.)

The Colleges listed below have specific requirements for their programs or majors:

Financial aid recipients may be eligible for additional funding for the purchase of a computer device and related technology. To request this, students may apply for a limited amount of funding from the CARES Act by completing the emergency aid application in the Financial Aid Portal. The application for the Fall semester will be available on July 16. Additional details are available at u.tamu.edu/computerrequirements

Further questions about device requirements or technical specifications should be directed to Help Desk Central at helpdesk@tamu.edu or 979.845.8300.