August 20, 2020

Help Desk Central Virtual Howdy Link GraphicWith Texas A&M University social distancing guidelines in place, the Division of IT had a unique opportunity to host its first virtual Howdy Week event on August 11, 2020. The video tour, narrated by Scotty Shepherd and Valerie Nieto, leads students on a virtual walk-through of Help Desk Central and explains the new regulations in place this semester to keep HDC visitors and employees safe.

An added benefit of presenting the Howdy Week tour virtually is that all Texas A&M campus members have the opportunity to refer back to important information about Help Desk Central whenever needed. The virtual tour is available for access on the Division of IT's YouTube page and in the Highlights section of the Division of IT's Instagram account.

Help Desk Central is open and available to help with any Texas A&M tech questions or concerns at 979.845.8300, or visit to set up an appointment.