August 19, 2020

Tech Speaking TV Episode 4

The impact of COVID-19 on education and society is the focus of the latest "Technically Speaking TV." 

During the show, President Michael K. Young discusses how Texas A&M moved over 13,000 classes online in one week this spring, as well as critical safety changes being instituted in the fall. He also touts Texas A&M's work on over 100 research projects focused on COVID-19 and explains how they may help fight the pandemic and better prepare us for the future.

Vice President of Information Technology and Texas A&M Chief Information Officer, Dee Childs, details how data was protected with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and the university's Virtual Private Network (VPN) as the campus began to work and learn remotely.

Jocelyn Widmer, Ph.D., Assistant Provost for Academic Innovation, joins the discussion and explains the benefit of the university's and websites. Director of Statewide Client Services, Serge Razafindrakoto, also shares how Help Desk Central handled the increase in help requests during the spring transition.

"Technically Speaking TV" airs on KAMU-TV and can also be seen on the Division of Information Technology’s YouTube channel.