October 19, 2020


This past March, Aggies were faced with a pandemic that made it impossible to finish the semester with face-to-face classes. As online learning became the new norm, Aggies adapted quickly to overcome the challenges presented. 

With no more libraries, study groups or class discussions, students took to social media to help each other with resources and tips they found to be useful for online learning using the hashtag #AggiesatHome. 

Here are some of the most useful tips and photos we gathered from students showing off their workspaces while working from home. 


Tips from Students

  • “Go to a library, never watch an online class from home” - @jeromesfeir 
  • Trello helped keep me organized and kept track of my assignments! - @l0ladri
  • Zoom backgrounds are a lifesaver when your room is messy. - @parkergraham__
  • Zoom Utils help me keep track of all of the recurring Zoom links I need for class and student organization meetings. - @aalxssa
  • Designate a space in your house to do your schoolwork
  •  That way, when you’re there, you’re always in work mode! - @shann0ngabri3l



         — Zach Browne (@zacharykbrowne) September 28, 2020