October 19, 2020

New Girl_Gigabite

From models to teachers, marketing gurus to free spirits, every friend group is composed of different tech personalities. See what Texas A&M tech tools pair with your personality! Not sure which personality you embody? Check out our list of top tech personas mapped to the cast of New Girl! 


The Practical One

As the practical tech-user of the group, Jess only uses tech for school and work but does like to create a quirky, upbeat online presence. She loves the friendly support at Help Desk Central, and just so happens to know everyone there on a first-name basis. Jess also keeps her passwords in a password keeper, because — ya know —security.  



The one who still buys minutes on his flip phone 

As a member of the group who probably can’t remember the last time he touched his computer and still owns a flip phone, Nick’s identity has probably been stolen a few times. He hasn’t even updated his Mac since iOS 8 and starts moonwalking backward every time he receives a Code Maroon text message alert.





The Tech Savvy One

As a marketing professional, Schmidt loves staying up-to-date with IT Alerts. He’s on the waitlist for every new popular tech product. In his free time, you can find him checking out all the new promos at 12th Man Technology. Schmidt is all about “data and numbers” and uses LinkedIn Learning to brush up on all the newest marketing strategies.




The Influencer 

As the group’s resident model (literally), she may have an iPhone 7 but crushes the photo editing apps. Cece is infamous for complaining about outages every chance she gets and is always on Zoom to keep up with Jess and the latest with all of her models. 





The Friendly Troll 

Winston spends hours scrolling through Reddit and watching cat videos on YouTube. Always encouraging others on social media through likes and comments, he knows way too much personal information about the people he follows which he uses to plan elaborate practical jokes. Though Winston does most of his trolling from home, he enjoys sitting in the OALs to people watch and see what everyone else is working on.