March 3, 2021

Research Tool

As Texas A&M University surpassed $1 billion in research expenditures for FY 2020, the Division of Information Technology developed a new tool to expedite grant applications and classify data management.

Using the Data Classification + Research Resources tool, researchers can quickly identify the classification and data management requirements for projects. This expedites grant applications and ensures the university follows privacy and protection requirements of state and federal laws.

Texas A&M Privacy Director John Pryde says the tools will benefit the entire A&M research structure and the university's reputation.

"These tools allow not just PIs (principal investigators), but the entire workflow chain, to manage and maintain the data in a much more progressive manner, he says. "Using these tools for documenting data classification ensures we are meeting the operational requirements that apply to this data by law."

By answering a series of straightforward questions, users determine the appropriate classification of their data. Once the data is properly identified, researchers can view a list of available technologies that meet the compliance standards of their data and fulfill specific research needs.

The Data Classification + Research Resources is part of a collection of tools from the division. Other tools include a controls catalog, impact calculator, technology standards interface and the Accessibility Conformance Evaluation (ACE) tool.