July 23, 2021


The Texas A&M University Division of Information Technology (IT) has unveiled a new website called “New Aggie TechList” that provides incoming students with a customized list of IT hardware and software based on their major and where they will live.

“As technology becomes more integrated in the classroom and essential to the education process, it is important that new Aggies know exactly what tech resources they need to bring to campus to be successful,” said Lacey Baze, director of product strategy and communication in the Division of IT. “Just as we require our students to have specific textbooks and supplies to gain the highest quality educational experience, there is a need for all students to have an appropriate computer to complement course instruction.”

When students come to the TechList site, they will answer several simple questions and then be provided with information customized for their specific needs, including computer requirements, using wired and wireless internet, the use of printers and routers, and more.

“In a constantly changing technology environment, this site ensures incoming students can identify the resources to be successful,” said Ed Pierson, interim vice president and CIO of the Division of IT. “Our division and our IT partners continue to do everything we can to make our students more successful.”

Baze said before the TechList site, Help Desk Central received hundreds of questions from incoming students and parents asking what computer they should buy and what technology they need to bring to campus.

“It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the requirements for each major and residence hall,” she said. “The TechList website streamlined the communication process and saved staff time spent answering similar questions multiple times.”

Tech List was the result of a collaborative effort with IT partners across campus, Baze said: “Their participation in this initiative guarantees that each student, no matter their major or field of study, can feel confident they know what tech resources to bring to campus.”

As the IT division of one of the nation’s largest universities, Texas A&M IT moves a staggering amount of data each day. Baze said daily bandwidth has historically peaked at 30 gigabits per second; at that bandwidth, “we are moving around 324 terabytes a day,” she said. To put that in perspective, just 10 terabytes could hold the entire printed collection of the U.S. Library of Congress.


  • There are 8,200 wireless access points on campus
  • The university’s network contains around 4,000 miles of cable
  • 220 million emails flow to and from Texas A&M mailboxes each month
  • There are 787,590 active identities (accounts) currently managed by the Division of IT
  • Help Desk Central receives 127,750 inquiries per year

Learn more about the Division of IT and its services at it.tamu.edu and find the New Aggie TechList at it.tamu.edu/getstarted.



This article by Lesley Henton originally appeared on TAMU Today.