July 20, 2021

Help Desk Central (HDC) holds a number of awards for outstanding customer service — a big accomplishment since they receive over 127,000 support requests each year. But that’s not enough to satisfy the HDC, as they work to continually improve and innovate the customer experience. That’s where Ticket Jam comes in.

In late 2020, the Division of IT decided to hold a meeting for all division employees to identify specific tickets that were plaguing staff members and work through them with the support of operational and executive leaders. The event was so successful, Ticket Jam became a regular event on the first Thursday and third Monday of each month.

“As soon as a customer submits a ticket, our level of excellence is immediately put to the test,” says Jon Griffey, Associate Director of Statewide Client Services. “I believe Ticket Jam demonstrates how important it is for us to continually improve that customer experience.”

Since December, the number of open support tickets within the division has been reduced by over 30 percent. The division continues to look at new initiatives to improve resolution times and customer satisfaction.