September 2, 2021

Image of Computer

The Texas A&M University System and Texas A&M University Division of Information Technology are working together to streamline the process to share cyber threat intelligence data. Streamlining the process gets critical information about compromised accounts in the hands of those who can turn off the account faster, reducing the impact from a bad actor.

The Texas A&M System Security Operations Center’s (System SOC), through Dominic Dertatevasion’s leadership, further streamlined the process by adding the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform to the existing System SOC analysis capabilities and TAMU’s Filex service. By using Flashpoint to discover TAMU users with compromised credentials, the System SOC can deliver lists of those affected users to the Division of IT days earlier than would be possible with other commonly available tools.

“We are very thankful for the System SOC’s implementation of Flashpoint as we now receive some indicators up to 48 hours earlier than we used to,” said Chris Wiley, Associate Director of Cybersecurity at Texas A&M University. “This makes a big difference in our ability to protect Texas A&M University.”