September 2, 2021


Howdy Week is in the books, kicking off a strong start to a new semester! With students back on campus, tech support is in high demand. Anticipating the need, Help Desk Central, our favorite technology gurus, swooped in with a great solution! 

In an effort to provide as much support as possible to students and lighten the high traffic Help Desk Central sees during Howdy Week, HDC pop-up stations were set up across campus. Help Desk Central technicians staffed the pop-up locations, available to assist students with common issues like connecting to WiFi, setting up accounts or changing passwords.

The convenient pop-up locations at White Creek Apartments, the Commons, and Hullabaloo Hall, were well received by students. They especially appreciated avoiding a trek across campus to get the help they required.

The fact they were around the corner really helped me, since I could easily stop by on the way to my dorm," said an Aggie. "They should definitely do this again!"

Students who used the pop-up locations also valued the insight HDC technicians were able to provide. 

“They were so friendly and really helped me prepare for the start of school,” one freshman said. “I feel more confident just being able to connect all my devices to the internet.” 

Help Desk Central is always ready to help! For tech questions and IT support, visit the new Help Desk Central website, call 979.845.8300 or contact Help Desk Central any time at