October 7, 2021


Cybersecurity tips can often make your head swim. Here’s a quick digest of our best tips to be secure.

Secure Your Computer
  • Stay up to date. Turn on automatic updates so your computer has the latest security software and operating system.
  • Protect your files by making regular backups and storing them in the cloud or off-site, but NOT on the same computer.
  • Clean up your email inbox regularly. Empty junk folders and mark unwanted or suspicious messages as spam. 
Secure Your Passwords
  • Make your “password” a “passphrase” — a sentence at least 12 characters long. Maybe a Yoda-like sentence such as, “Love_Aggieland_I_Do.”
  • Be unique. Use a different passphrase for every account. Otherwise, criminals only need to figure out one password to begin hacking all your accounts.
  • To remember all your passphrases, use a reputable, secure, online password keeper.
Secure Your Email
  • Think before you click. Fraudulent emails make you think immediate action is required.
  • Bad grammar and spelling goofs are major red flags for phishing messages!
  • Watch those links! Scammers often hide fake URLs in hyperlinks. Always hover over links to see where they are actually taking you.