March 9, 2022

Shortcut graphic

A number of famous quotes cast shortcuts in a bad light. While it’s true there are no easy routes to success, there are computer shortcuts that can save lots of clicks ... and time. 

These shortcuts work for both Mac and Windows. Windows uses the control (Ctrl) key, while Macs use the Command key.


Save: Ctrl (Command)+S

Select all: Ctrl (Command)+A

Copy: Ctrl (Command)+C

Paste: Ctrl (Command)+V

Cut: Ctrl (Command)+X

Undo: Ctrl (Command)+Z

Browser shortcuts:

New Tab: Ctrl (Command)+T

Reopen closed tab: Ctrl (Command)+Shift+T

Search in page: Ctrl (Command)+F

Zoom in: Ctrl(Command)+plus key

Zoom out: Ctrl (Command)+minus key

Bookmark: Ctrl (Command)+D

Text Formatting Shortcuts

Paste without formatting: Ctrl (Command)+Shift+V

Bold: Ctrl (Command)+B

Underline: Ctrl (Command)+U

Italicize: Ctrl (Command)+I

Insert hyperlink: Ctrl (Command)+K

Make highlighted text larger: Ctrl (Command)+Shift+>

Make highlighted text smaller: Ctrl (Command)+Shift+<