March 28, 2023


The process went live in July 2020 but only a few departments were participating in the process. Two years later, the university has 17 departments utilizing the process. More than 3,500 requests were submitted in the past 2 years with most of these requests having multiple account numbers for employees. To date, automating this process has brought in a cost savings of $405,000.

The electronic form collects request information regarding funding, including specific account numbers applicable for supervisors, compensation, termination, and transfer of funds. In addition, a new hire form was created to ensure all required information for hiring requests – such as offer letters of graduate assistantships – are included. In the past, the information was collected manually via spreadsheet.

Laserfiche, a SaaS provider of intelligent content management and business process automation, launched the Run Smarter Awards in 2005 to recognize organizations that use Laserfiche to improve productivity, innovate processes and achieve exceptional business results.

"Leveraging the opportunity to streamline this process for faculty and staff brings efficiency through cost and time savings,” said Binu Koola, software applications developer. “The expansion of this process to include the Engineering academic departments at Texas A&M speaks to the value and positive impact the automation has brought to the campus community.”

Koola, a Technology Services - Engineering employee, submitted this process to Laserfiche after developing the process with the Texas A&M Engineering Business Services’ group. This process has positively impacted the departments within the Texas A&M College of Engineering.

“The Run Smarter Awards are about celebrating individuals, teams and organizations that use Laserfiche in ways that spark change, whether that is within the organization, in the wider Laserfiche community, or the world,” said Karl Chan, CEO of Laserfiche. “We’re proud to honor this year’s winners, who are on the front lines developing, optimizing and promoting these transformative solutions.”

The winners of the Laserfiche Run Smarter Awards will be celebrated virtually during the Laserfiche Empower Conference.

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