May 3, 2023


In early 2023, Technology Services carried out a mobile device audit and discovered a list of hotspots and cellular devices including phones, iPads and tablets that have WiFi access that were not formally tracked by units on campus. The initial goal was to ensure that security requirements were being met with the cellular devices. During the audit, Technology Services connected with the Division of Finance and Business Services to develop a cohesive plan from both the technical and financial perspectives.

As a result of this collaboration, approximately 350 mobile devices were identified for disconnection. Jennifer Keller and the team at Technology Services worked quickly to disconnect the appropriate devices. This action resulted in significant cost savings of roughly $150,000 annually for the university.

Currently, Technology Services is working on a mobile device management process to ensure the security of mobile devices and compliance with Texas A&M University’s standards. To learn more about cellular device guidelines, visit the service page.