August 17, 2023

Texas A&M Staff learning to use Microsoft 365 Applications

Empowering Success with Microsoft 365: Stories from Texas A&M University

Microsoft 365 is a transformative suite of tools that empowers campus members to achieve more than ever before. With Microsoft 365, you can seamlessly collaborate, communicate and create across all devices and platforms. Boost productivity with familiar apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and take teamwork to new heights with Microsoft Teams, where real-time collaboration knows no bounds. Safeguard your data and streamline workflows with intelligent security features, and unlock the potential of cloud-based storage and applications with OneDrive and SharePoint. Technology Services provides training opportunities for all units. 

Texas A&M Health Science Center Finds a Better Path with Microsoft Planner

The Interprofessional Education & Research group at the Texas A&M Health Science center faced challenges managing their projects effectively. They were using Trello, which incurred significant costs annually. Technology Services met with the group and was able through training to introduce them to the benefits of Microsoft Planner - a more efficient and cost-effective solution. Switching to Planner not only saved them $2,000 per year but also simplified their workflow. Now, team members can be effortlessly changed as needed, streamlining their project management process like never before.

The Division of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness Retirement Services Embraces Smooth Scheduling with Bookings

The Division of Human Resource and Organizational Effectiveness Retirement Services recognized the importance of seamless appointment scheduling to cater to Texas A&M employees' needs. Technology Services conducted a Microsoft 365 training and introduced them to Bookings, a powerful tool for managing appointments. Now, they efficiently set up meetings with employees eager to explore their retirement options. Bookings proved to be a game-changer, offering convenience and enhancing productivity in their service delivery.

Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (VMBS) Embraces the Power of OneDrive and SharePoint

Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (VMBS) faced the daunting task of migrating their documents from the network drive to Microsoft 365's OneDrive. Microsoft 365 training came to their rescue, and Technology Services was able to guide them through the transition. Employees quickly adapted to the user-friendly OneDrive, enabling them to access and collaborate on files from anywhere. Their success with OneDrive prompted them to continue training in SharePoint over the summer, ensuring smooth file migration and fostering a more interconnected work environment.

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As the success stories continue across the Texas A&M University campus, more staff and departments are eagerly embracing Microsoft 365 training. With every new group training, the university is journeying closer to an interconnected, efficient, and innovative future. Need customized training for your unit? Technology Services  will work with you to provide customized Microsoft 365 training. Book your consultation today.