August 17, 2023

Allison Oslund photo

Allison Oslund, product manager for Technology Services at Texas A&M University, has the mission to ensure that every member of the Aggie community experiences excellence in IT products and services. Her acceptance of the Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications (TASSCC) Rising Star Award is a testament to her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value, forging a path of innovation and providing exemplary customer solutions.

This award recognizes emerging leaders in government technology, and with less than a decade of IT experience, Oslund has emerged as a shining example of what dedication, leadership and innovation can achieve. Her journey exemplifies the potential for growth, change management and the positive transformation in Technology Services at Texas A&M.

Oslund’s journey is an inspiring one, having transitioned from a public relations, advertising and communications career path to a product manager role within Technology Services. She brings an understanding of customer needs and the importance of proactive, clear communications to customers. Her ability to put herself in the customer’s place and ask questions about the products before they are launched is one aspect in particular that earned her the Rising Star Award.  

In her role, she works hand-in-hand with technology professionals to make high-quality technology solutions accessible to the greater university community and works closely with customers through the early adopter programs she orchestrates. These provide an opportunity for customers to provide early feedback before a product is launched. 

Her impact resonates across various initiatives. The dedication and leadership demonstrated in support of cybersecurity education has led to several awards for the cybersecurity games hosted by Technology Services. These help students, staff and faculty learn about best practices in a gamified experience. Her recent transition into product management showcases her desire to deepen her skills and elevate her dedication to delivering customer-centric IT services. As technology continues to intertwine with education, her vision for excellence and innovation will undoubtedly continue to drive impactful changes.