August 17, 2023

AVS Equipment

Formerly known as Instructional Media Services (IMS), Technology Services’ University Audio Visual Services (UAVS) is on a mission to revolutionize the academic experience for faculty and students at Texas A&M University’s main campus, Texas A&M Health locations across Texas and the Higher Education Center at McAllen. Dedicated to providing top-notch multimedia solutions, UAVS ensures consistency and ease of use for cutting-edge equipment in classrooms and conference rooms as part of the university’s Technology Services division.

A Brief History 

The IMS team formed in 1973 with the Harrington Media Center, which serviced 11 classrooms at the university’s main campus in College Station. At that time, the Harrington Media Center reported to the Admissions and Records department and supported its operations through a repair shop, video laboratory and renting out audio visual equipment to the campus community. 

In 1998, the Harrington Media Center transitioned reporting lines  to Computing and Information Services and became a campuswide resource with the addition of more classrooms and support by IMS. The Blocker Media Center was formed and soon after that, the West Campus Media Center was established. After being solely dependent upon external vendors, IMS began their own audio-visual equipment installations around 2010.  

In 2014, under the leadership of Dr. Juan Garza,the IMS management of classrooms was formalized with MOUs – Memorandums of Understanding – with campus partners. Now, as Audio Visual Services, the team reports to Technology Services and expanded their support to Texas A&M Health’s audio visual team, and more than 500 classrooms, laboratories and conference rooms across main campus. 

A Seamless Learning Environment

“UAVS takes pride in creating a seamless audio visual learning environment enabling faculty and students to confidently embrace multimedia technology for classes and beyond we work closely to ensure based on rosters that classrooms are equipped for each class and support is provided to faculty and students alike," said Regina Greenwood, Director of UAVS.  By offering comprehensive support for the most common multimedia and video conferencing equipment needs, UAVS plays a vital role in empowering educators and learners alike.

One of the team's core responsibilities is to install and maintain multimedia equipment that meets the ever-evolving demands of modern education. From computers to video conferencing tools and multimedia systems, UAVS ensures that classrooms and conference rooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology to foster engaging and interactive learning experiences.

A Commitment to Excellence

As UAVS paves the way for a technologically advanced educational landscape, it remains true to its commitment to excellence. With each installation, maintenance project and refinement, the team aims to set new standards for multimedia services in higher education.

The transformation signifies a new era of innovation and dedication to enhancing the academic experience at Texas A&M by providing faculty and students with reliable, user-friendly multimedia solutions.