April 19, 2024

Jeffrey Pace, Software Applications Developer IV, was honored with the 2024 President's Meritorious Service Award for his outstanding contributions to the university. The award recognizes staff members who exemplify the Aggie Core Values of Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect and Selfless Service.

As a lead developer, Pace has played a pivotal role in the success of critical software projects, including:

  • Providing technical leadership by overseeing the deployment and delivery of enterprise-wide software development projects and services.
  • Completing business requirements analysis by meeting with stakeholders, ensuring that software solutions align with organizational needs.
  • Actively mentoring fellow employees, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Pace’s commitment extends beyond the call of duty. He has sacrificed personal time to troubleshoot and fix issues on multiple occasions, even during vacations. As the lead developer for ORCA, a system used by faculty and staff to request changes to the university's Learning Management System (LMS) Canvas, he exemplifies unwavering dedication. His response when thanked? "No problem, that's the job."

Interacting with staff across the university, Pace demonstrates respect for both users and the subject matter experts of applications. A specific example of this is his role as the lead developer of CrimeLog, a specialized tool for tracking and counting Clery offenses. He helps ensure accuracy and reliability in support of the University Police Department (UPD). 

His commitment to understanding customer needs sets him apart, and his work on the CrimeLog application, which is unique and unmatched, reflects his dedication. Lieutenant Paxton with UPD lauds Pace’s contributions. "Jeffrey assisted UPD in creating a very specialized piece of software that does not exist anywhere else,” said Lt. Paxton. “Many corporations are trying to create software of this nature, and they are not as capable as Jeffrey, who created the software for us." 

Similarly, Pace’s successful creation of the School of Medicine's application for nominating and tracking adjunct faculty led to a broader universitywide project currently in development.

His impact on the development team is profound, and his knowledge, patience and willingness to assist have elevated the team's performance. He championed the adoption of CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) practices, resulting in faster turnaround for customers, and his early embrace of the .NET Core framework has inspired others to follow suit. The team relies on him for guidance, knowing he consistently rises to the occasion.

Technology Services celebrates Jeffrey Pace's selfless service, excellence and innovation.