April 19, 2024

Kevin Bell, a Software Applications Developer IV, has been honored with the President's Meritorious Service Award at Texas A&M University. The award is given to exceptional staff members who embody the university's core values such as Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect and Selfless Service. Bell has been a crucial part of the university community for a remarkable duration of fifteen years. He started his tenure in the Information Technology Division of Finance, where he contributed to crafting solutions that significantly impact the campus community.

Bell has developed several enterprise-level applications that are used by Texas A&M and other system members. Among his accomplishments is the tuition and fee calculator — which has helped more than  298,000 individuals with precise estimates of educational costs — making it an indispensable academic planning resource for prospective and current students..

Epay is a web application that Bell created to ensure that multifaceted payment processes and data exports route to the correct accounts within the FAMIS system. There are 11 components within The Texas A&M University System that rely on this robust infrastructure, which processed $58 million in payments last year.

Bell continues to support several of Texas A&M’s most complex and extensively used applications. Technology Services congratulates Bell on his exceptional service, leadership, and excellence in his work across the campus and for the Texas A&M University System.