May 31, 2024

TechHub: Technology Services’ Technology Store is now available for select units at Texas A&M University, with plans to expand to all units at the university by July 1, 2024. TechHub provides centralized technology purchasing and procurement for the university, bringing cost and time savings to university employees and departments.   

The School of Law recently ordered technology equipment from TechHub and experienced seamless service, efficiency in ordering equipment and faster lead time for delivery and transparency in the order process. They found that ordering from TechHub was very cost and time-effective.  

William Cole, IT Professional III, expressed that TechHub simplifies the formerly complex process of ordering technology for the law school in Dallas, “The new system eradicates the need for navigating through Aggiebuy, offering a unified platform where users can easily select and order in-stock equipment.” Cole shared that one of the best benefits of ordering from TechHub is transparency in the order status. Previously, he said he would order from a vendor, and the order would get unexpectedly canceled. Now, with Techhub, he no longer has to worry about his order being canceled because TechHub is tracking the order for him and managing everything with the vendors.   

The TechHub solution has dramatically reduced the wait time for asset tagging, with equipment arriving pre-tagged and ready for integration into the asset and inventory management system, Canaopy. This enhancement has cut down the order-to-fulfillment timeline to a mere five days, a pace unprecedented in bulk orders. Order-to-fulfillment has be cut down not just for bulk orders but for individual orders, too, thanks to the buffer stock TechHub keeps. 

Not only does TechHub provide increased efficiencies with order, but it also included real dollar savings! The law school saved 30% on their recent order, nearly $17,000; TechHub has produced $1.21 million in financial savings university-wide. TechHub’s pre-selection of vetted and configured machines meets the needs of most campus members, which eliminates the hassle of choosing from myriad technical options, allowing users to trust in the quality and suitability of their equipment. Because the equipment is pre-vetted, users have the opportunity and confidence to try new products and know they have already been reviewed and approved for use by Technology Services.   

For groups ordering Windows and Apple products, TechHub makes ordering from one portal convenient. For the first time, users can create a single cart for both Windows and Apple products, a previously unattainable convenience with separate orders through multiple vendors. Additionally, TechHub provides comprehensive accessory matching. TechHub ensures that users can acquire the appropriate docking stations and accessories for their devices, catering to PC’s and Apple ecosystems. 

TechHub is a testament to the commitment of Technology Services to provide centralized technology purchasing and prioritize user experience and cost-savings.