Project Purpose

The Next Generation Aggie Network will provide a modern, resilient and secure research & education network to better meet the current and future demands of Texas A&M educators, researchers and students. This network will deliver more reliable and secure methods for transmitting data, which is essential for faculty research. The foundation of the network will include a security model, suitable for the openness required by a research institution, while providing strong protections for high-risk uses and for environments that have high requirements for compliance. Intent-based, identity-first network paradigms provide improved user experience, significantly advance security posture and play prominently in the network service design. Addressing issues of capacity, speed, manageability, modularity, agility and performance – coupled with long-term, sustainable funding and service delivery strategies – are essential program requirements. 

Goals (milestones)

  • RFI Review: Post closes March 19, 2020
  • Design: Initial draft design – June, 2020
  • Stakeholder engagement and feedback: July, 2020
  • Final Design: August, 2020
  • RFP issued: September, 2020 (Pending project funding)