Before granting access to Texas A&M University information systems, users receive notification at login acknowledging the usage conditions defined by the University.


  • This Control applies to all Texas A&M University information resources.

  • The intended audience for this Control includes all information resource owners, custodians, and users of information resources.


  • 1

    The IT system shall display an acceptable use notification message or banner before login to the information system.

  • 2

    The login notification shall address the following items:

    • 2.1

      Unauthorized use is prohibited;

    • 2.2

      Usage may be subject to security testing and monitoring;

    • 2.3

      Misuse may be subject to criminal prosecution;

    • 2.4

      Users have no expectation of privacy except as otherwise provided by applicable privacy laws; and

    • 2.5

      A reference to University Standard Administrative Procedure 29.01.03.M0.02, Rules for Responsible Computing.


      Login notification may use a variety of text as long as the elements of Sections 2.1 through 2.5 are clearly stated.