Physical and Environment Protection Policies and Procedures (PE-1)

The granting, controlling and monitoring of physical access to information resource facilities is extremely important to an overall security program. The purpose of the Texas A&M University information resources physical security procedure is to establish the processes to grant, control, monitor and remove physical access to information resource facilities.

Physical Access Authorization (PE-2)

The Unit Head shall designate the appropriate staff member to develop and maintain a list of personnel with authorized access to information resource facilities where information systems reside and issues appropriate authorization credentials.

Physical Access Control (PE-3)

University information resource facilities must have appropriate physical access control systems/devices and safeguards at every entrance/exit based on risk management decisions.

Monitoring Physical Access (PE-6)

The University monitors physical access to the information system to detect and respond to physical security incidents.

Visitor Access Records (PE-8)

The University Unit maintains and reviews visitor access records to the information resource facilities.

Emergency Lighting (PE-12)

Automatic emergency lighting should activate in the event of a power outage or disruption, that illuminates emergency exits and evacuation routes within information resource facilities.

Fire Protection (PE-13)

The University employs and maintains fire suppression and detection systems for information resources.

Temperature and Humidity Controls (PE-14)

The university maintains and monitors temperature and humidity levels within information resource facilities

Water Damage Control (PE-15)

The university provides properly functioning and easily accessible master shutoff or isolation valves to protect the information resource facility from water damage or leakage.

Delivery and Removal (PE-16)

The university authorizes, monitors, and controls Information system components entering and exiting information resource facilities and maintains records of those items.

Alternate Work Site (PE-17)

Identifies roles, responsibilities, and requirements for establishing alternate work sites.