Identifies roles, responsibilities, and requirements for establishing alternate work sites.


  • This Control applies to all Texas A&M information resources. The intended audience for this Control includes all owners and custodians of information resources, as well as managers and employees.


  • 1

    Alternate Work Location Guidelines shall guide managers in determining and documenting the alternate work sites allowed for use by employees.

  • 2

    Employees shall comply with the relevant Standard Administrative Procedures, security controls related to alternate work sites.

  • 3

    Information resource custodians shall maintain sufficient management of information resources used at alternate work sites in order to validate the effectiveness of required security controls.

  • 4

    Employees shall communicate with Technology Services in case of incidents.

    • 4.1

      TAMU Helpdesk Central: (979) 845-8300 or, or

    • 4.2

      TAMU Security Incident Reporting: