September 28, 2021

2021 Duo App

The October release of a new Duo mobile app is just one of the changes Texas A&M community members will notice to the Duo Two-Factor Authentication service this fall.

Between October 11 and 18, the scheduled dates for the rollout, users will be updated to Duo Mobile 4.0.0, which features a new look for the “push” authentication. The position of the approve and deny buttons will be swapped and the buttons will be round instead of square. The change also improves the app’s accessibility features and supports landscape device orientation.

Users with automatic updates enabled will receive the new version automatically during the rollout dates. Users can also update manually through their appropriate app store.

Soon after the app update, Duo will release a new Universal Prompt for web browsers. The new prompt will update the look and feel of the authentication screen, increase accessibility and streamline the verification process. For services that allow the “remember me for five days” function, users will now see this option after they authenticate.