We can provide you with knowledgeable IT professionals based on your needs with flexible support options.

Contract Support

If you consider continuity of reliable service and the complexity of system maintenance too important to address only when something goes wrong, our team members can be hired on a contractual basis to provide regular support. These contracts are offered in increments of one-quarter FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) and are based on your needs. One or more team members will be assigned to your department to carry out the services you request.

Non-contract or Ad-hoc Support

If you need an IT professional occasionally, periodically for a few hours each month or one time only for a special project, our ad-hoc support option may be best for you. With this option, you pay for the time you use, but only when you need it.

The following table presents the differences between contract and non-contract support. See our General Computing Rates for auxiliary and non-TAMUS rates.

Support Type Analyst Support Contract Duration TAMUS Rate
Hourly Non-Contract As personnel are available Short term or periodic; usually require a day, week or month $135/hour
Contract for portion of FTE Dedicated personnel Ongoing or long term; usually span several years $2,530/0.25 FTE/month
$5,010/0.50 FTE/month
$7,445/0.75 FTE/month
$9,635/1.0 FTE/month

We can analyze your ad-hoc support use for a period of time and see if converting to contract support will save you money.

Project-based Pricing

If you have a special project that is more complex and will require more time to complete than is feasible with ad-hoc support, we can provide project-based support. For project authorization, we use the memorandum development procedure. After meeting with you to determine the project scope, we provide a memorandum to convey a cost estimate and description of the work to be performed.