AggiePrint is a tool that allows on-the-go printing to the Open Access Labs print kiosks from smartphones, laptops and virtually any device with email capabilities. Open Access Labs provide both color and black-and-white printing to all registered students, faculty and staff using either an OAL machine or by using AggiePrint.

All Texas A&M students, faculty, and staff can use AggiePrint. For more information see Overview of AggiePrint.

Printer Locations

For a full list of OAL printer locations see Open Access Lab (OAL) Printer Locations & Types.

Print Rates

There are charges associated with all printing on OAL printers. For more information on the Print Rates see Print Rates.

Print Charges

An explanation of how and what your print charges and balance are for printing on an Open Access Labs printer. For more information on Print Charges see Print Charges.

Print Refund Request

If you believe you were wrongfully charged for printing on an Open Access Labs printer, either by not receiving your printout within the two hour window or by any other problematic printout, you can submit a Print Refund Request. For more information please see Print Refund Request.

Print Kiosk

Releasing your print job is as simple as "Swipe, Select, Print!". Print Kiosks maintained by the Open Access Labs (OAL) allow students to print in libraries, buildings and OAL computer labs using their semester print allocation or funds that they have added to their account. Once a print job is sent from any OAL computer, students can visit any OAL print kiosk to release their printouts. To learn more about printing at an OAL print kiosk, see Using the Print Kiosks to Release Print Jobs in the Open Access Labs (OAL).