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VoIP service charges include one-time setup fees, device purchase costs, time and material costs for networking needs, as well as monthly service charges.

Setup Fees

For setup fees, you should expect to see up to $150 per line from the provider, Frontier, on your first bill. Monthly service charges are based on the service selections you make, and basic charges are included in the charts below. 

Cisco VoIP Devices

There are five supported VoIP phone models, each with different features for a variety of users. You can also purchase expansion modules and conference stations. See pricing and details for Cisco VoIP phone and expansion modules

Networking Needs

If your building does not currently have PoE (Power over Ethernet), or has an insufficient number of ports, time ($85.00-$160.00/hour) and material costs will apply to install the needed technology to support the VoIP platform.

This may include a building survey and final recommended solution for your setup, purchase of PoE switches ($5,500 for 48 ports), configuration of switches, and/or installation of new Ethernet lines. 

Cisco VoIP Service Charges

Basic monthly charges for Cisco VoIP are $19.70 per line, which includes voicemail and APIT. 

Service Description Unit Rate in $ Item Code/Product/Service
VoIP Cisco (includes voicemail) Monthly 14.00 CISCOLC
APIT & Campus Network Fee per Phone Line Monthly 6.00 NETWORK FEE
Brokerage Fee One-Time 25.00
VoIP Cisco Trunk <Optional> Monthly 7.30 CISCOTC
VoIP Cisco CCX <Optional> Monthly 16.50 CISCOCCX

Monthly charges for VoIP Cisco, APIT & Campus Network Fee, Cisco Trunk and Cisco CCX are now centrally funded by Texas A&M University for university business unit (excludes service centers and auxiliary units). These monthly charges will not be billed to your business unit. For details about central funding, visit our billing changes page.  

Clearspan (Polycom) VoIP Service Charges

For Clearspan VoIP service charges, please see the Rates page.