Server Virtualization Services

Servers in a traditional computing environment typically run an individual application with a single operating system. Virtualization allows multiple applications with independent operating systems to run on a single physical computer, increasing machine usage and efficiency. These "virtual" servers exist on the host computer separately from one another as if they were on a dedicated machine.

The Texas A&M Division of IT server virtualization services provide infrastructure to host servers and services in a virtual server environment. This service is based on the VMware suite of virtualization products and is available to Texas A&M University colleges, departments or approved affiliates.

Virtualization with Texas A&M Division of IT is not a cookie-cutter experience. We have standard templates that can meet many requirements. If standard offerings do not meet your requirements, we will work to design a solution that meets your needs and integrates well into a shared environment. We are here to help you before, during and after deployment.

Getting Started

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