Extended Warranty

  • Most PCs are covered for $1.00 a month - Look up Extended Warranty Prices and Discount Price Structure.
  • Covers Parts and Labor for Standard Failures - The extended warranty covers parts and labor on all repairs not caused by abuse or acts of nature.
  • Pickup/Delivery Service Included - Parking on campus can be a hassle. The extended warranty includes free pickup and delivery service of your equipment.
  • Priority Service for Extended Warranty Equipment - Priority service is reserved for extended warranty campus members. Machines covered by the extended warranty always go to the top of the queue.
  • Warranty Facilitation Service - Knowing the frustration sometimes experienced when dealing with a manufacturer for warranty service, we now offer warranty facilitation service. When you sign up for extended warranty service to begin when your manufacturer warranty ends, the Division of IT will take care of getting the warranty repair initiated. This allows your personnel to have one point of contact when a hardware repair is needed. Simply call Microcomputer Repair, and we will take care of the rest. Best of all, there is no charge for this service. Your account will not be billed anything until your extended warranty agreement begins.
  • No Hassle Upgrades - When an extended warranty covers your equipment, upgrading your machine could not be simpler. Just call the Division of IT and tell them what you want. We will pick up your equipment, purchase the needed part, install the upgrade, and return the equipment to your office. Your account will be billed the cost of the part ONLY.