Texas A&M Exchange

Exchange Email Account

  • Standard Service: 10 GB quota
  • Additional quota available for purchase

Operational Service Level Details

The service is provided in a high-availability configuration. It includes redundant component servers (CAS, HUB, mailbox, storage) and is presented from two geographically disparate locations (main campus and west campus data centers). 

Backups of the message store and essential service elements are performed for the purposes of disaster recovery (DR). DR backup datasets are available locally only at this time. Backup retention and history is based on the useful life of the individual backups for recovery from catastrophic loss of service.

Self-service message recovery is available for messages up to 14 days old.

Messages in the Deleted Items folder are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Message deleted from the Deleted Items folder are recoverable for up to 14 days by the end user.

If desired, colleges or divisions can request more restrictive retention policies for their users. Individuals can also enable more restrictive retention settings for their account.

Mailboxes can be restored for up to 30 days after they have been deleted. This service is only for mailboxes that have been deleted in their entirety and cannot be used to recover individual messages.

1Archiving will be implemented as available from the vendor.

Service Availability

Normal Availability
Texas A&M Exchange Email is designed to be available for campus member use 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year (24x7x365), excluding scheduled maintenance times.

Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled maintenance is critical for upgrades and to maintain security. Every effort is made to schedule these actions during periods of least demand. The typical maintenance window is Saturday between the hours of 6 a.m. and noon, but scheduling may vary in the event of a critical security or system event. Services may not be available during these maintenance windows.

Problem Reporting and Change Notification
The Division of IT uses the following sites to notify users of service availability, maintenance schedules and problem reporting:

Problems pertaining to this service or service requests may be submitted to Help Desk Central:

Key Service Indicators

The following service level objectives are defined for this service:

  • Overall availability: percent of time the service is available.
    Performance target: 99.8%
  • Campus member satisfaction: percent positive response to campus member satisfaction questions in periodic user surveys.
    Performance target: 90%

Note: Overall availability is calculated as hours the service is available in the reporting period divided by the total hours in that same period. Percentage reflects scheduled and unscheduled downtime.


The Office of the Vice President and Chief Information Technology Officer and designees of that office establish operational policies and procedures for this service.

Texas A&M University Rules and Policies apply to the administration and use of this service. Specific to the use of email are the following rules and standard administrative procedures:

Requests for information

All requests for discovery or forensic actions will be coordinated through the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO@tamu.edu). This includes complaints, public information requests, litigious issues and investigative action requests, and all other requests for disclosure of account, activity or content information.