Cascade Server

Texas A&M University System FY18 Rates displayed below.
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Service Description Unit Rate in $ Item Code/Product/Service
Cascade Content Management System Year 4,200.00 CASCADE CMS ANNUAL FEE

Additional Details

Use of Cascade Server is charged through an annual subscription fee plus database charges. The annual fee includes:
  • Access to the Cascade Server system
  • System administration

The annual fee is charged for a subscriber group, which refers to a department, college, division or other entity. Subscribers are not limited on the number of users or sites they wish to add to the system.

Database charges are determined by the database usage for each site and billed monthly. The Division of Information Technology offers a database subscription rate for storing large amounts of data, which lowers the per-MB cost. Contact for an estimate.

Service Description Unit Rate in $ Item Code/Product/Service
Database Hosted Services MB/Month .100 DATABSE MB/MO