Campus Data Centers

Data Center Specifications

Texas A&M Division of IT Data Center Service consists of two high availability data centers to support the IT demands of the university.

  • Comprehensive power and cooling infrastructure
  • Connected by a 100GB Network connection
  • 24x7 Operations Center for facility and service monitoring
  • Continuous audit and lifecycle management for access control with 2-factor physical access
  • Actively monitored video surveillance
  • Redundant, concurrently maintainable power, cooling and network

Main Campus Data Center

  • 7,560 square feet on 24” raised floor
  • HVAC providing 176 tons of cooling by 8 x 22 dual chilled water and gas A/C units for redundancy
  • Two UPS systems totaling 1,425 kVA
  • 1,500-kVA diesel generator with 20 hours of fuel
  • DC battery plant backup for core network devices
  • Fire suppression through pre-action, dry pipe system, emergency power off, smoke and ionization

West Campus Data Center - (coming online in Fall 2017)

  • 50,000 square foot facility with up to 30,000 square feet or raised floor available for IT infrastructure and services
    • 8,400 square feet of data hall space commissioned in Phase 1
    • Additional 20,000 square feet of “build to suit” space for future projects or expansions
  • HVAC providing 7.4M BTU/hr cooling capacity
    • Site stubbed for future chilled water installation - if required by tenant
  • Two 2.5MW generator sets in a 2N configuration 2 x 2.5MW backup power generation sets in a 2N configuration (runtime on generator is 48 hours at full capacity IT load.)
    • Expandable to 5 x 2.5 MW sets
    • Support for 1.5MW IT load offering 2N available configurations for a 2.5MW total site capacity
    • Scalable to 6MW critical load capacity at 12MW total site capacity
  • A-B power configurations to the rack level available
  • Industry standard enclosures configured in a hot-cold aisle containment configuration are provided.
  • Three UPS systems totaling 4,000 kVA
  • Secure, gated facility controlled by card access, biometrics and armed security guards
  • 24x7 armed security guards (provided by the University Police Department)
  • Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection (VESDA) and fire suppression systems
  • Designed to Leeds Silver Standard
  • Office spaces
    • 2,800 sq. ft. support/operations/guest office space
    • Network Operations Center secondary site (primary in Teague Data Center)
    • On-site Systems Engineers
    • Guest workspaces for short-term use by tenants
    • 760 sq ft. conference room
    • Break room